Keeping our customers safe



Sharing intelligence

Keeping our customers and their data secure is a key priority for us. We share intelligence and ensure our processes align to best practices.

We work closely with:

  • UK Government (including the National Cyber Security Centre)
  • Ofcom
  • External security experts
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Industry and other companies

Dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Centre

We have a dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC), which has a wide range of prevention, detection and response tools in place to mitigate and manage security risks.

We also have visibility of security practices across our partners and suppliers. We hold them to the same standards as we maintain internally and support them with GDPR requirements.

Meeting international standards

Our security measures also meet international standards:

  • We follow the ISO 27001 security standard and our policies are fully mapped against each of its controls.
  • TalkTalk Business’ Ethernet and Wholesale ADSL services are CAS(T)/ ISO27001 accredited.
  • We continue to measure our maturity progress, using an internationally recognised security control framework (NIST). This is validated by an external independent assessment.

Safety always comes first

Putting our customers first is about more than just offering a reliable and affordable service. It’s also about keeping people, their families and their data, safe, secure and protected - whenever they’re online. Here’s how we do just that.

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    Working with regulators

    We work with Government and regulatory bodies on wider efforts to tackle online harm and make the internet a safer place, including supporting on the implementation of the relevant Online Safety Act measures.

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    Online Safety and Security

    As one of the UK’s largest internet service providers, we recognise our responsibility to ensure our customers feel safe and confident when online. Keeping their data secure is also a key priority for us. We know we can’t do everything ourselves, and that’s why we work in partnership to build a safer online world. We strongly believe that it is only through working in partnership to share expertise and best practice that we will make real progress on online safety.

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    Internet matters

    We know that many parents want to be able to access advice and support to help them understand the online world and make parenting decisions. In 2014 we joined with other internet companies to launch Internet Matters, an independent organisation which empowers parents and carers to keep children safe in the digital world.

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    Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

    We are a leading member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a charity which works to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online by using innovative technology. For over 26 years it has combined expert analysis with technological innovation to identify and take down abuse material, assessing a webpage every two minutes. In addition to this core service, we support the IWF’s Hotline function, which offers a way for victims and members of the public to report abusive imagery anonymously so that they can be removed.

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    We were the first provider to offer free parental filtering to all customers, and today our free HomeSafe® product allows website filtering and parental filters to stop children accessing inappropriate content.

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    We identify and block millions of scam and unwanted calls every month. We continue to innovate in this area and have made a number of proactive recommendations to the industry and Ofcom about further options to tackle nuisance calls, including number spoofing. We are also a member of Stop Scams UK, a body which brings together representatives from the telecoms and banking sectors to share best practice and insight on tackling scams.