Carbon Reduction Plan – cutting carbon emissions by a third


Hear from Will Ennett, Head of Sustainability and ESG, on our Carbon Reduction Plan

Hi all,

This week, we’ve released our Carbon Reduction Plan as part of our Net Zero emissions campaign. Included in the plan are some important details about what we’ve done already, the results we’ve seen and what we hope to do moving forward. Whilst we’ve made longer term commitments to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 42% by FY30, this Carbon Reduction Plan goes into more detail and sets interim goals for this decade. You can read the full document here but these are some highlights…

Slashing emissions

We’ve predicted a 31% drop in carbon emissions[1] over the next five years, taking us closer than ever to our ambitious Net Zero target. To get there, we’ve outlined a few key aims for the future in the Carbon Reduction Plan, including powering our backup generators with cleaner hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel instead of diesel. HVO fuel is sometimes called ‘renewable diesel’ and can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. We’re also looking to upgrade the cooling technology in our data rooms.

Seeing results

Since 2020, we’ve switched to renewable sources for our electricity supply and transitioned to using electric vehicles.

These and other steps, such as energy efficiency measures which have seen our electricity consumption reduce by 15% over 3 years, have resulted in our overall operational footprint falling by 80% over the last five years. These latest promising figures are yet another piece of good news for our commitment to sustainability.

If you want to read the full plan, you can view a copy here.

[1] Please note the Carbon Reduction Plan does not include all categories within scopes 1-3; please see the document for full information about what is in and out of scope