People Stories

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    It's a great working environment and everyone's really friendly and everyone is able to speak to anyone.
    Find out more about Richard
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    I get to strike a work-life balance. So that's really, you know, great and and useful.
    Find out more about Nivedita
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    If you want to work in a fast-moving exciting organization where you can really influence the future for our customers, TalkTalk is the place to be.
    Find out more about Jon
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    I'm really lucky to be around so many people who are incredibly capable. It's just a really good place to work.
    Find out more about Dean
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    We give people a chance to do something in ever done before and you can really be yourself here and you'll be appreciated as a member of the team.
    Find out more about Mike
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    It's a great culture here, with lots of cross-functional projects to work on. TalkTalk is also a truly flexible employer!
    Find out more about Chris
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    There's always something new going on with challenges to keep you interested!
    Find out more about Paul
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    As a People Leader in the business, it's a fantastic place to work! There's a real emphasis on reward and recognition at TalkTalk.
    Find out more about Donna