Business Wholesale

Wholesale Connectivity for Partners


Our Business Wholesale Services is the UK’s leading provider of connectivity & cloud infrastructure, serving the needs of business and public sector customers nationwide and working with over 800 partners.

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    Our award-winning portal and automation, customisable and streamlined connectivity covers over 95% of the UK’s population, while our cloud delivers world-class security, backup and performance. It’s our mission to democratise fibre, to level the playing field, powering UK businesses forward – towards tomorrow.

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    We give our partners the flexibility and agility to be whatever they want to be. We create connections as the ultimate enabler through our robust, wide-reaching network.

    We work closely with our partners to enable them to become providers of the most reliable ultrafast broadband on the market. Our end-to-end support allows the businesses we partner with to increase their profit margins, improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers, and reduce churn.


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