Technology & Security

Taking tech to new places


We made a name for ourselves by doing things differently. TalkTalk is a place for innovators and disruptors — it's in our DNA. And by constantly looking for new ways to make our services smarter, faster, and more secure, we can maintain our excellent reputation. Our aims are the same as they always have been, and it’s our Tech and Security teams who help make them happen.


In Tech and Security you’ll find tonnes of brilliant thinkers. These are the people who use their resources to keep us one step ahead at all times. They’re expert architects, developers, digital gurus, engineers and innovators who make sure our systems and network can deliver everything our customers expect and more.

And, importantly, they make sure everything is secure — and stays that way.

It’s an exciting, dynamic and ideas-driven environment. There’s no better place to grow your career and discover the real potential of your skills.

Key teams in tech

  • IT Ops

    We provide in-life management and support for IT apps, infrastructure and platforms to support both the needs of the business and its KPIs. We're also the team who ensure the effective build of production environments, including their design, delivery and operation of infrastructure.

  • Data Engineering

    In Data Engineering, you’ll find a critical part of our business: our Enterprise Digital Warehouse. Without it, we wouldn’t have the data we need to make big decisions when it matters. Our team of data engineers and test analysts process around 5 billion records a day. And we do it fast.

  • OSS

    OSS really operates at the heart of TalkTalk. We’re the people who support the launch of new products and systems, billing customers and keeping everything ticking over smoothly. The size and scope of our systems is incredible. And our people have skills to match this high standard.

  • QAT

    As well as handling the testing that happens within each delivery layer — Unit Testing and System Testing — we take charge of the integration of all systems across the different technologies and platforms within Business Systems. Our people make sure that all app development at TalkTalk is of a high standard and fit for purpose.

  • BSS

    In BSS, we manage a portfolio of applications including TIBCO, Singleview, Onesys, Opentext Exstream, and Chordiant. The numbers speak for themselves: we handle 600,000 customer orders each month and fire off 60,000 items of customer comms per day. There’s a lot going on, but we stay on top of it all.

  • Networks

    We provide the end-to-end network management capability which allows the network to meet the growing needs of our customers, shareholders and regulators. It’s a vital role in making sure we meet the high standards that everyone knows to expect.

  • Service Management

    In Service Management, we provide a definitive picture of service performance. We act as the customer’s champion across Technology & Security, and manage the operational processes which assure the quality of how IT and Networks are run. It’s our responsibility to make sure things are running like a well-oiled machine!

  • Analysis & Design

    We provide end-to-end solution architecture and design, including centralised capability for business analysis and design resources for project activities. We support ‘standard’ business change projects, requirements elicitation, process definition and alignment to TalkTalk's business capacity model.


  • GettyImages-186366364.jpg

    In Security, we're responsible for providing group capability for security policy, security management and assurance of the overall TalkTalk security risk profile. We have four key departments within our wider team: Intrusions and Investigations, Security Operations, Security Risk Management and Governance, and Technical Security.