Billie Shepherd partners with TalkTalk to promote family wellbeing as half of Brits say reliable connectivity is the key to a harmonious home

  • A new study commissioned by TalkTalk reveals that half of Brits (50%) believe the internet is the glue that keeps households harmonious.
  • TalkTalk collaborates with former TOWIE star and mum of three, Billie Shepherd, to discuss her tips and tricks for managing a busy household.
  • Billie Shepherd hosts a live Q&A on the TalkTalk Instagram on Monday 15th April, at 7 pm, to reveal her expert tips on parenting and online safety.

LONDON, UK, 11 APRIL - TalkTalk, the UK's largest value for money connectivity provider, has teamed up with celebrity mum of three and TV personality Billie Shepherd to discuss the importance of reliable internet connectivity on household harmony. Billie shares her expert parenting tips for domestic bliss and reveals that her value-packed and reliable full fibre broadband is a ‘lifesaver’ at home.

The collaboration comes as a new study commissioned by TalkTalk reveals that half of Brits (50%) believe the internet is the glue that keeps households happy and harmonious, while 35% of us are in agreement that we would rather have a reliable internet connection than a night in with our partner.

More than three-quarters (76%) of British parents, including Billie and Greg Shepherd, agree that a high-speed internet is necessary in today's digital-first world. Six out of 10 believe that a solid internet connection allows families to spend more time together and over half (57%) of parents expressed that a reliable, high-speed internet can improve the mood at home, reducing online related tantrums.

According to the new research, tensions rise when households don't have the right package in place to keep up with their connectivity needs. A third (32%) of parents with children aged 10-17 believe that the most common cause of tension at home is Wi-Fi. To resolve conflicts at home, a quarter (26%) aim to set clear boundaries when it comes to screen time and over a fifth (21%) resort to open discussions about online safety.

When it comes to online safety, the research highlighted that 71% of parents agree that broadband providers should provide security features that will help to keep families safe. We know that being able to schedule internet downtime on individual devices has been a real value add for families like the Shepherds. That’s why TalkTalk's fastest full fibre packages come with eero Secure network protection included at no extra cost and smart parental controls available through the eero app,” said Sarah Jones, Customer Experience Expert at TalkTalk.

The study also uncovered the main reasons why parents feel it's important that their children have quick and reliable access to the internet, the main priority being entertainment for the whole family (29%), the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge (29%), and so their children can develop digital literacy and technology skills (27%).

Billie Shepherd, star of ‘Billie & Greg: The Family Diaries’, said: "As a busy mum with three children under nine, it can be difficult to keep track of everything they do online. When selecting a broadband provider, keeping them safe online and having a reliable connection were on top of our list. We use TalkTalk's Full Fibre 900 package which not only help us to keep our kids safe while browsing and streaming. But, it allows us to connect over 75 devices at once, which helps eliminate internet-related disagreements, especially when the kids are off school."

Join Billie Shepherd for a live Q&A covering all things parenting and online wellbeing on Monday 15th April, at 7pm, via TalkTalk’s Instagram channel.

For expert tips on keeping the family connected visit: https://www.talktalk.co.uk/HarmoniousHomes