TalkTalk records highest ever network usage on Tuesday evening

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11th November, 2020: A combination of the ongoing lockdown in many parts of the UK, the launch of the new Xbox Series X console, a Microsoft patch and the latest Call of Duty Warzone update meant that TalkTalk recorded its highest ever peak in network traffic last night.  

At 9:20pm on Tuesday, TalkTalk recorded a network traffic spike of 6.85Tb/s - the equivalent to delivering 571 hours of HD video per second.

And clearly the UK’s appetite for the internet is only growing. Only five days ago, TalkTalk saw another one of its highest ever days (6.46Tb/s), as England flocked to spend its first day of lockdown 2 online.

 Gary Steen, Managing Director of Technology, Change and Security at TalkTalk, said: “It appears that our appetite for data is showing no signs of slowing down, with last night’s data showing an incredible amount of network activity. With the new PS5 due to launch next week we fully expect another large network spike as our gaming customers get to grips with their new consoles”.

 “All our packages are totally unlimited, which means no usage caps, extra charges or speed reductions - even at peak times. So all our customers can stream, download and pre-order those Xboxs as much as they want!”