TalkTalk reports 56% rise in network traffic as gamers rush to play Call of Duty Season 5

COD spike.JPG

6th August 2020: TalkTalk has reported a 56% surge in daytime network traffic vs last week following the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5, further cementing the franchise’s position as one of the must-have games.

At 9:45pm last night TalkTalk recorded a network spike of 6.27Tb/s as gamers rushed to download and play the new release. That’s the equivalent to delivering 4,180 hours of full HD video per second, or 1.34million concurrent streams of HD video.

Call of Duty is well known for causing these surges in network usage. in June, TalkTalk registered the highest-ever level of internet traffic on its network after the release of Call of Duty Season 4, which saw a spike of 6.71Tb/s.

Gary Steen, Managing Director of Technology, Change and Security at TalkTalk, said: “We get how important having a super fast, reliable internet connection is to our gaming customers and TalkTalk’s unlimited fibre broadband packages deliver just that. We have been investing significantly in our network over the years to optimise both speeds and capacity and we are very well prepared for surges in demand just like this.”

“All our packages are totally unlimited, which means there aren't any usage caps, extra charges or speed reductions - even at peak times. So our customers can game as hard as they want, for as long as they want, even when there is massive interest in games like Call of Duty Season 5”.