Posted: 21 July 2020

Annual General Meeting

Closed Meeting
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and current social distancing measures, this year’s AGM will be run as a closed meeting and shareholders will be unable to attend in person.  The Company trusts that all its shareholders understand the need for these precautions considering the Government’s public health guidance on Covid-19.  The Company will ensure that the legal requirements to hold the meeting will be satisfied through the attendance of a minimum number of directors and the format of the meeting will be purely functional. The AGM will comprise of only the formal votes on each resolution set out in the Notice, without any business update or Q&A.  Further information and details on voting can be found in the Notice.

Annual Report
Download Annual Report 2020

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Download Notice of Annual General Meeting

Where possible, we would encourage you to submit your vote electronically, however, if you do require a copy of the proxy form this can be downloaded here Form of Proxy.

Once printed, please complete your proxy form in the usual way in accordance with the instructions thereon, however, please ensure you also add your full name, post code and shareholder reference number if known.  Once completed and signed, please scan or take a picture of your proxy form and e-mail this to

To be valid, your proxy instruction must be received by Equiniti by no later than 10am on Friday 17 July 2020. 

Please remember that if you are the beneficial owner of shares who has been nominated by a registered holder to enjoy information rights, in order to vote you must contact the registered holder of  the shares i.e. the nominee or custodian who looks after your shares on your behalf.

2020 AGM - Resolution 25 – Amendments to the Articles of Association (‘New Articles’) 

Please note that in respect of the proposed amendments to article 47 of the New Articles, which are found at Appendix 3 of the Notice of meeting and further summarised within the Explanatory Notes of the Notice, electronic meetings will only be used as a last resort when the holding of the physical meeting is prohibited (i.e under extreme operating circumstances where physical meetings are prohibited, such as the Covid-19 crisis).

Articles of Association
Download Proposed Amendments to Articles of Association

New Share Scheme Rules