Posted: 10 March 2016

TalkTalk: Serious about safety

The October 2015 cyber attack was a pivotal moment for TalkTalk, leading us to consider carefully what more we, and all businesses, can do to tackle the growing threat of cybercrime.

TalkTalk has always been serious about the risks, as well as benefits, of the online world. In 2011 we pioneered Homesafe, the first free filtering service to put parents in control of the content their children see online. In the same year, we became the first provider to launch free security features, as well as free scam and nuisance call blocking on our network.

We remain determined to do more, both within our own business (where we are implementing a major ongoing programme of security work), and also externally. In order to raise awareness of the risks and to share key learnings from our own experience, today TalkTalk is:

  • Launching an in-depth journal on the issue of cybercrime, with contributions ranging from law enforcement and security experts to hackers themselves. We hope this will provide a useful contribution to the debate, as well as some clear, practical information for businesses and consumers;
  • Publishing new, simple guidelines for customers, helping them to identify potentially fraudulent communications by explaining the things we would never do. We call these our ‘Nevers’, and you can read them here
  • Formally partnering on a programme of activities with Get Safe Online, the UK’s leading awareness resource helping to protect people, finances, devices and businesses from fraud.

To read the cybercrime journal, click here. To join the conversation, see #freudscybercrime on Twitter.