Posted: 19 January 2015

TalkTalk Business launches Complete Voice and Internet package

TalkTalk Business has announced a brand new all-in-one voice and data package that will help businesses cut overheads and improve efficiency.

The solution, called Complete Voice and Internet, provides eight to 60 ISDN-quality voice lines and up to 20Mbps of internet, delivered over the same connection. Companies can add or remove telephone channels on demand, enabling them to react quickly to changing business demands and also save money by not having to pay for lines that they no longer require.

Firms can keep their existing ISDN or IP telephone systems, and the package also includes secure hardware and installation, making it an easy to use all-in-one solution.

Services are delivered over a secure, dedicated connection to TalkTalk’s Next Generation Network, both the internet and voice are supplied by one provider over a resilient connection ensuring high reliability and efficiency for Businesses.

Complete Voice and Internet connection is £699 for a one-year term, or £450 for a three-year term. Internet is £50 a month and telephone channels cost £10.99 each and include 2,000 minutes to UK landline and mobile numbers, which is less than half what BT charges per channel at £22.31. With TalkTalk Business firms can save on average £2,100 a year in comparison to 12 channels of BT Business ISDN30. Along with being lower cost, the package is better value, as it includes inclusive voice minutes each month and around-the-clock business grade support.

Charles Bligh said: “This is the latest example of how TalkTalk Business is making Britain’s businesses better off. Converged voice and data is set to really accelerate this year, especially amongst SMEs, that’s why we’re making it as easy as possible for firms to future proof their business and take the step into next generation services. Our Complete Voice and Internet offers flexibility, is scalable and provides real business advantage."

How TalkTalk Business compares


TalkTalk Business’s Complete Voice and Internet is ideal for organisations that have outgrown traditional solutions, such as using separate lines for ISDN and internet, organisations with variable demands of voice capacity, and companies wanting to make the first move into IP Voice (SIP) without changing their ISDN phone system.

Emma Burgon, head of engineering at William Hughes Ltd, a wire and spring manufacturer from Dorset, with another plant in Bulgaria participated in customer trials for Complete Voice and Internet after moving to new premises.

She said: “We used to have three separate companies providing services and it’s been easier dealing with just one. We’re enjoying considerable cost savings too.”