Posted: 19 March 2020

TalkTalk’s COVID-19 update and top tips for working from home

At TalkTalk we are always committed to providing the best possible support to our customers. We will continue to do so during this time of uncertainty so everyone can rely on their broadband, whether they need it for work, play or staying in touch with family and friends.

We also want to provide reassurance that we’re working to keep our network running as normal, continually optimising it for both our consumer and business customers. We are confident that we have robust measures in place so everyone can continue using the internet should there be an increase in demand.

Here are some top tips for those having to self-isolate or work from home so they can get the most out of their internet:

Check your setup

Have a look at your router and check to see if all the wires are connected securely at both ends. Make sure you’re using a microfilter if you need one. If your VPN stops working but you can still get online, then this is likely an issue with your VPN client rather than your broadband.

Use your master socket

Make sure your router is plugged into your master socket, not an extension socket. It's the white plastic square built into your wall and can usually be found in your hallway or near your front door. It's bigger than any other socket in your house.

Location, location, location

Ideally, your router should be upright and facing towards you when you’re using the Internet. Put it on a table or shelf – never on the floor or in a cupboard - and make sure it’s not blocked by any furniture.

Reduce signal interference

Electrical appliances like microwaves and cordless phones can disrupt Wi-Fi signals, so it’s best to keep your router away from them if you can. Staying close to your router when you’re using Wi-Fi will also help.

Disinfect your devices

Viruses can live on phones, tablets, TV remotes and other handheld devices from a few hours to several days, so it’s important that you regularly disinfect them to prevent the spread of infection. Giving them a thorough clean with an antibacterial wipe will do the trick, just make sure they’re powered off and unplugged beforehand

Protecting yourself from suspicious emails and calls

During this time we also encourage customers to stay vigilant to protect themselves from phishing emails posing to be from trusted sources.

Further information about how to recognise phishing emails or scam calls can be found on our official Beat the Scammers website.

We remain committed to providing everyone with best in class online and phone protection and offer free security features to help keep our customers safe. HomeSafe provides network level security that protects every device connected to TalkTalk broadband, and CallSafe can help prevent unwanted calls.

Our community page has further tips for working from home.