Offer for the company

Rule 2.4 Announcement

Statement Regarding a Possible Offer


Rule 2.11 Communications following Rule 2.4 Announcement

Website Notification

Letter to Shareholders

Letter to Employees


Rule 2.6(c) Announcement 

Extension of deadline - 5 November 2020

Extension of deadline - 3 December 2020


Rule 2.7 Announcement 

Recommended Acquisition


Rule 2.11 Communications following Rule 2.7 Announcement 

Letter to Shareholders

Letter to Employees


Irrevocable undertakings given by TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC

Irrevocable – Charles Dunstone

Irrevocable – Tristia Harrison

Irrevocable – John Gildersleeve

Irrevocable – Ian West

Irrevocable – Roger Taylor

Irrevocable – Nigel Langstaff

Irrevocable – Phil Jordan

Irrevocable – Tim Morris


Rule 2.7 Consent Letters

Consent Letter – Barclays

Consent Letter – Deutsche Bank

Consent Letter – Lazard

Consent Letter - Panmure Gordon


Offer-related Agreements

Co-operation Agreement

Tosca Confidentiality Agreement

Amendment to Penta Confidentiality Agreement

Penta Confidentiality Agreement

Tosca Irrevocable

PIK Facility


Bond Announcement January 2021

Bond Investor Presentation – January 2021

Bond Offering Memorandum

Bond Launch Announcement RNS

Bond Upsizing and Pricing Announcement RNS

Final Bond Offering Memorandum with Upsizing and Pricing


Publication of Scheme Document

Scheme Document

Announcement of Publication of Scheme Document

Court Meeting Proxy Form

General Meeting Proxy Form

Form of Election

Virtual Meeting Guide



Constitutional Documents

TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC Articles of Association

Tosca IOM Limited Articles of Association


Consent Letters (Scheme Document)

Barclays Consent Letter

Deutsche Bank Consent Letter

Lazard Consent Letter

Panmure Gordon Consent Letter


Service Agreements/Engagement Letters

Service Agreement – Charles Dunstone

Service Agreement – Tristia Harrison

Service Agreement – Kate Ferry

Engagement Letter – John Gildersleeve

Engagement Letter – Ian West

Engagement Letter – Roger Taylor

Engagement Letter – Howard Stringer

Engagement Letter – Nigel Langstaff

Engagement Letter – Phil Jordan

Engagement Letter – Paul Reynolds


Other Documents 

Draft Shareholders' Agreement of Tosca IOM Limited

Offeror Group Debenture

Offeror Group Implementation Deed

Panmure Gordon Rule 24.11 Estimate of Value Letter

Trading Analysis Disclosure 


Share Option Letters

SIP Letter

SAYE Rule 15 Letter

SAYE Letter

DSOP Letter

DSOP Unexercisable Letter

DSOP Remco Letter


Court and General Meeting

Results of Meetings

Court Sanction Announcement