Posted: 18 September 2020

TalkTalk's Lockdown Lessons Report

TalkTalk has partnered with leading employment experts, Working the Future, to understand how our human responses to lockdown will go on to influence how we work in the future, and the extent to which these behaviours have accelerated ongoing work trends.

The Lockdown Lessons report revealed that more than half (58%) of workers in the UK said they had been more productive as a result of working from home, and their bosses agree. 30% of business leaders said working remotely had made their teams more productive, while over a third (35%) said they were working more collaboratively.

In fact, data usage during lockdown increased 40% year on year according to TalkTalk network data leading the brand to launch its new Homeworker package – providing an additional business-grade line dedicated for home working. It enables you to get through your to-do list without having to worry about someone’s Netflix marathon interfering with your Zoom calls.

Read TalkTalk's full Lockdown Lessons report here