Posted: 21 November 2019

TalkTalk TV sits down with Ferne McCann to talk faffing, time saving tips and simplifying life

Guest author:

  • Ferne McCann, along with over half of Britain (51%), considers herself to be a ‘faffer’.
  • According to Ferne, life has become “unnecessarily complicated”. For Ferne the best way to fight this is through staying organised and finding time saving ways to simplify life.
  • Brits are spending four hours everyday faffing about – wasting time on unnecessary tasks, a new study from TalkTalk TV shows.
  • VIDEO: Busy celebrity Mum, Ferne McCann, talks Life Tips with TalkTalk TV (link)  

Ferne McCann, celebrity mum and TalkTalk TV ambassador admits “life has become so unnecessarily complicated,” and it comes as no surprise. Between filming a TV-show, raising a two year old, and running both a fashion business and nutrition business Ferne’s life has understandably become a great balancing act that needs simplifying from time-to-time.

However, you don’t need to be a mother, entrepreneur, or have your own TV-show to feel like things can all too quickly become overwhelming. In fact, most of us feel this way. Research from TalkTalk TV has found that 3 in 5 Brits (68%) admit that life has become unnecessarily complicated, with 51% considering themselves to be ‘faffers’ frittering away four hours every day on time wasting tasks such as finding the right one out their five TV remotes, and trying to decide what to have for dinner.

For Ferne, the solution is to stay organised and to keep things simple. In an exclusive video with TalkTalk TV, Ferne reveals her top life tips to simplify life - and they’re very savvy! From using a spaghetti stick to light candles, to using a bottle to separate egg yolks. In the video, Ferne even spills the beans about a special folding technique she uses to save precious time, making life that little bit more simplified.

Research revealed a select few others have devised cunning time-saving ideas to cut down on lost hours, with the time-poor among us opting to: prep dinner the night before; batch cook their meals and cooking and freezing the Christmas dinner months in advance.

Just like Ferne, parents are among those who really can’t afford to faff, with those rare minutes of silence used for self-love and relaxation time. Ferne comments “Being mum to a two-year-old means those precious moments to myself are few and far between. One of my favourite ways of enjoying some me-time is unwinding in front of the telly, I love getting stuck into a good drama!”

Whilst almost 1 in 10 Brits suggest they spend over 10 hours a week on the loo to ensure some alone time, many other parents also find relaxation time happens in front of the TV once the kids are off to bed. For Ferne, her top tip when it comes to watching telly is TalkTalk TV. It’s the all-in-one solution to simplify TV - all of your favourite content is available through one TV box, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and ending the constant device-switching. No more faffing, no more wasted time and the flexibility to only pay for the channels you want to watch.

With TalkTalk TV, customers simply have to plug the TalkTalk TV box into their TV to watch their favourite channels and streaming services; including BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Prime Video, using just one simple box and one easy-to-use remote. As Ferne says, “One click and it’s all there.”