Posted: 16 April 2019

A quarter of parents have spent almost 24 hours watching their kids’ favourite movie

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  • This Easter - up to 5.5M parents* will watch their kids’ favourite films on repeat
  • One in four parents admit to using films as a way of sneaking in a cheeky nap
  • TV presenters Angellica Bell and husband, Michael Underwood partner with TalkTalk TV to help parents spot hidden movie Easter eggs with the kids
  • VIDEO: TalkTalk TV invites families to take part in an Easter egg hunt with a twist

16th April 2019: In an era of tablets and mobile phones, parents and kids are still making time to watch family favourite films together according to new research from TalkTalk TV. Nine out of ten (94%) parents regularly watch films with their children with one in three admitting their kids watch their favourite film on repeat an average of 10 times**.

This weekend is a prime time for families to get together over a good film, with data from TalkTalk TV revealing the Easter weekend sees a 27% increase in movie rentals***. Of the favourites in TalkTalk TV’s extensive offering, over half (52%) of mums are still in the Frozen phase, despite it being released six years ago. More recent chart toppers like the Greatest Showman and Moana follow close behind with 24% and 23% of parents respectively saying their kids play these films over and over again.

Despite watching their kids' favourite films multiple times, two thirds (62%) of parents have never spotted a movie Easter egg, which isn’t surprising when the majority (65%) aren’t aware of what a movie Easter egg is. (FYI – it’s a visual nod to a previous character or film cleverly hidden in a scene - and big budget films are often littered with them!)

So, while Frozen is 15% of parents favourite of the films their kids watch on repeat, the question is - have they ever spotted Rapunzel roaming the streets of Arendelle?

This Easter TalkTalk TV is helping parents get in on the joke, by creating a helpful video on how to spot a movie Easter egg fronted by TV presenters Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood. The video is full of tips to help parents impress their kids as the family comes together for some bank holiday viewing. Families can take a break from the chocolate and hunt for hidden references in films instead by taking part in TalkTalk TV's Easter Egg Hunt

Angellica Bell said: “Our children must have watched the Lego Movie over twenty times now! If I’m honest, it’s quite useful for me as it gives me a chance to catch up with housework and Michael usually takes a cheeky nap on the sofa. But now we’re clued up on our movie Easter eggs thanks to TalkTalk TV, when we next sit down with the children to watch the Lego movie for the millionth time, it will certainly be a lot more fun for us too.”

Will Ennett, Head of TV Content, said: “There’s nothing better than settling into the sofa to watch a family blockbuster after an Easter Sunday roast. But with more content available than ever before, it can be tricky picking a film that the whole family will enjoy. TalkTalk TV brings all the best TV shows and films together in one place – giving you one simple remote to unlock the world of TV whenever you want.”

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The TalkTalk TV top 10 movie Easter eggs can be found in:

  1. The Greatest Showman
  2. Moana
  3. Incredibles 2
  4. Finding Dory
  5. Paddington 2
  6. Coco
  7. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
  8. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  9. Mary Poppins Returns
  10. Christopher Robin


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Notes to editors

* Based on 85% of parents from 19 million families in the UK – source:

** Survey of 1,000 UK parents carried out by Opinium from 5/04/2019 to 8/04/19

***27% increase of movie rentals week on week - TalkTalk TV data from 2018