Posted: 17 January 2019

Online home workouts save Brits up to £200 a year

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Almost 70% of Brits are shunning expensive gyms in favour of alternative work-out spots, with the living room being crowned the new exercise hot spot in the home, according to new research announced today by TalkTalk, the UK’s leading value connectivity provider.*

This growing trend of training at home could save the average Brit £40 a month on gym memberships.** After spending just £23.50 a month on an unlimited TalkTalk fibre package to power their workout videos, Brits could save a whopping £200 a year.***

With 26% of millennials admitting they have experienced frustration over exercise videos or apps freezing as a result of poor internet connection, TalkTalk has provided five simple tricks to avoid the dreaded wheel of doom half way through a HIIT session and strengthen your router’s muscles:

  1. The room to stretch

The easiest fix to improve your broadband speed is to ensure your router isn’t hidden behind furniture as this is likely to weaken the signal. Set your router up towards the centre of your home and as high up as possible; this will provide the best Wi-Fi performance.

Bulky and unsightly routers are now a thing of the past as TalkTalk’s latest Wi-Fi Hub has received a Good Design Award for its slick design.

  1. The extended reach

Whether you want to dance in the privacy of your bedroom or squat in the open space of the living room, a far-reaching, reliable Wi-Fi signal is key for a good workout. In fact, TalkTalk research reveals that Brits are most likely to want to exercise outside. For those who love training in the garden, the Wi-Fi Hub has an unbeatable signal strong enough to reach more corners of your home inside and out. Another hack for bigger homes is to invest in a Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi extenders can boost your signal to areas with weak or no Wi-Fi.

  1. Warm-up properly

Just like us, devices need to warm-up properly first – so if you have a new router, check the network driver and security preferences are both up to date.

To avoid an overcrowded network, make sure your Wi-Fi is password protected where possible.

  1. Clear the area

Keep the router away from objects that might interfere with the signal. Home appliances can be silent killers for signal so remove any baby monitors and microwaves away from the router. Large objects such as metal filing cabinets and fish tanks may also reduce the performance of the Wi-Fi.

  1. Out with the old, in with the new

If you still need a stronger connection, then it may be worth upgrading your router. TalkTalk’s market-leading Wi-Fi Hub offers a host of great benefits including faster Wi-Fi speeds that can’t be beaten by any other major broadband provider, added power to handle multiple devices at the same time and a strong, reliable connection throughout the home. It’s even rated as a ‘best buy’ by consumer champion Which? and recommended by Good Housekeeping.

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Opinion research January 2019, poll of 1000 UK adults

* Research shows that 68% respondents chose either ‘at home’ or ‘outside – 28% and 39% respectively.

**Recent BBC research finds average UK gym subscription is £40.53 a month.

***TalkTalk’s latest Faster Fibre package is £23.50 a month for 24 months. The saving is £198 a year. (available for a limited time only)