Posted: 4 July 2018

Cash in the attic: Homeowners sitting on £34,000 worth of wasted space

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  • 15% of the average British home unused, which could be worth more than £34,000, according to new research by TalkTalk
  • Attics (31%), spare bedrooms (30%) and garden sheds (7%) top spaces least used by homeowners
  • Despite this, nearly half of Brits (43%) say they’d like to move for more space
  • 63% of Brits said that they would use wasted spaces if they had a stronger Wi-Fi connection
  • We’d pay more than £12,000 on average for a home without Wi-Fi blind spots
  • Wi-Fi connectivity deemed more important than proximity to good schools, resturants and pubs, parks and open spaces
  • TalkTalk has teamed up with home design expert Linda Barker to show how better connectivity can help transform unloved spaces

Home design expert, Linda Barker, shares her thoughts about unused space via our YouTube channel here

15% of the average British home is unused - a staggering £34,000* worth of wasted space - yet nearly half of us (43%) say we want to move to a bigger place for more space.

New research by TalkTalk has found that connectivity is a key factor for homeowners, with 63% saying they would use their unloved spaces more if they had a stronger Wi-Fi connection, and a whopping 96% agreeing that a good internet connection in their house is important to them.

Brits are willing to pay a premium for it too, with respondents saying they would be prepared to spend as much as £12,000 extra on average for a house with no Wi-Fi blind spots, equivalent to 5% of their home’s purchase price.** Wi-Fi connectivity was also named a more important consideration when choosing a new home than proximity to restaurants and pubs (11%), an en-suite (26%), nearby good schools (22%) and parks or open spaces (25%).

The research was commissioned to launch TalkTalk’s new market leading Wi-Fi Hub, which reaches more areas of the home than ever before, enabling homeowners to make the most of every corner of their home.

The most common wasted spaces are attics (31%), followed by spare bedrooms (30%) and garden sheds (7%).  Using these unloved spaces as storage (37%) or simply forgetting about them (10%) were cited as reasons for their disuse.

If these neglected spaces were to be upgraded, the most popular options include relaxation dens (13%), home cinemas for men (20%) and gyms for women (15%). A quarter of 18 – 24 year olds would want a big screen gaming area (25%).

Phil Amy, Head of Product at TalkTalk, says: “Packed with the latest technology, our new Wi-Fi Hub and market-leading Fibre Broadband is helping UK homeowners open up more corners of their home than ever. With stronger connectivity, we can make better use of neglected spaces in our homes; from home cinemas in the attic, to garden shed gaming dens and garage gyms, the possibilities are endless.”

Home design expert Linda Barker says: “We literally can’t afford to waste space; we’re moving house less than ever before and it’s becomingly increasingly important to make the most of what we have. TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub delivers fast and powerful Wi-Fi that reaches more areas of the home, transforming wasted spaces into better connected, smart corners.”

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Top 5 wasted spaces

  • Attics
  • Spare Bedrooms
  • Garden sheds
  • Dining rooms
  • Garages


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*As of April 2018 the average house price in the UK is £226,906. Respondents said 15.02% of their house was wasted on average, equating to £34,081.28

** Respondents said they would pay an extra 5.31% of their home’s value for a home with no Wi-Fi blind spots, which equates to £12,048.71