Posted: 28 March 2018

BT and Openreach separation: One year on

Guest author:

BT and Openreach separation: One year on

It has now been over a year since BT agreed to legally separate its network division, Openreach. This was a crucial step towards a more competitive telecoms market that works better for consumers.

Whilst some progress is evident, far more is needed to deliver the improvements customers deserve. As one of its biggest customers, TalkTalk will continue working with Openreach to champion quicker, more noticeable action. Read our progress report for an update on what has changed and what more needs to be done.

As well as urging Openreach to go further, we are also investing ourselves. Last month we announced plans to build a new full fibre network for Britain, independently of Openreach. Together with Infracapital, a leading infrastructure investment fund, we will spend over £1.5bn connecting three million homes and businesses to faster, more reliable broadband. Over the coming months we will be identifying those areas where we’ll build new infrastructure and working collaboratively with Ofcom, Government and regional administrations to maximise the benefit to customers.