Posted: 13 January 2017

We’ll miss you Sherlock

Millions of Brits are bracing themselves for the loss of one of the nation’s most loved characters, as the latest season of Sherlock gears up for its grand finale.

Fans of the Cumberbatch and Freeman partnership may also be set to experience a double blow as Benedict Cumberbatch hinted that this may be his last appearance as the legendary detective.

With millions of viewers tuning in every week – and the show’s popularity reaching fever-pitch following last weekend’s cliffhanger, which left viewers awaiting the fate of John Watson - it’s clear that many Brits will be left with a Sherlock shaped hole in their TV hearts. 

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8 moments that show why we’ll miss Sherlock

1. The “Reichenbach Fall” episode had everything and is definitely one of the most iconic not least because of Sherlock’s jump off the rooftop. The two year wait to find out whether he’d survived or not was less fun for fans.

2. Sherlock and Watson are one of the most iconic bromances on TV and there’s no better example of that then in “A scandal in Belgravia” when Sherlock arrives at Buckingham Palace in just a sheet sending the two of them into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

3. Sherlock whipping a corpse with a riding crop in “A study in Pink”! It may sound strange but given it marked the first meeting between him and Watson it set the tone for their friendship, and the show.

4. In one of the two characters more touching moments the “Defusing the Bomb” episode saw Sherlock pretend that he couldn’t stop the explosion right up until the very last minute just so that he could apologise for everything he had done to hurt Watson over the years.

5. In “His Last Vow”, John’s wife Mary did something many people had wanted to do for a long time, when she shot Sherlock. What was great for fans was that this allowed us to see inside Sherlock’s mind palace for the first time as he fought to survive.

6. Irene Adler’s entrance in the episode “A Scandal in Belgravia” is a fan favourite because it gave Sherlock a playmate! It also gave us of the most iconic quotes from the whole series, “I am Sherlocked.

7. John’s stag night in “The Sign of Three” is definitely one of the funnier Sherlock moments, in particular watching them attempt to play the ‘who am I game’ whilst drunk.

8. Sherlock’s best man’s speech at Watson and Mary’s wedding in “The Sign of Three” was one of the series’ most touching moments because whilst everyone expected him to make a mess of it he totally nailed it.


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