The internet is a fantastic tool for children, but we know parents want peace of mind that their children are using it safely. That’s why TalkTalk has led the industry in introducing free safety tools and support for parents. We don’t just want to connect families to the internet, we want to help them to unlock its potential safely.

In 2011 TalkTalk transformed the ability of parents to protect their children online when we became the first provider to launch a filtering system, called HomeSafe. The filter puts parents in control of what content is accessed by any device connected to the home wifi network. Parents can customise the filter to meet their needs, selecting categories of content to block or blacklisting individual websites. The settings can be edited at any point, meaning the filter can evolve as children mature and family needs change. Importantly, we made it free to every TalkTalk home because we don’t think families should have to pay for their safety.

In March 2012 we went a step further and started asking all new customers to decide whether they wanted to activate HomeSafe as part of the sign-up process when they joined TalkTalk. We think it’s for customers to decide what level of protection, if any, they apply, but asking them to make a choice prompts them to think about the issue and consider their family’s needs. Customers told us they liked that approach. 80% said it was a good thing, and nearly two thirds said they wouldn’t have activated controls if we hadn’t asked them about it. It’s a great example of how we can help customers maximise the benefits of being a TalkTalk home.

We’re proud that customers have embraced the technology. Take-up amongst new customers is proportionate to the number of homes with children. That means that each day, HomeSafe filters over 100,000 inappropriate webpages. It’s a vital tool for families and a crucial part of how we help customers to stay safe online. 

TalkTalk Business also offers a version of HomeSafe - WorkSafe - that the takes the hassle and cost out of protecting the computer systems of small business and their employees.