We’re just as aware of the risks as we are the benefits of the digital technology which is why in 2011 we pioneered Homesafe, the first free filtering service to put parents in control of the content their children see online as well as free scam and nuisance call blocking on our network.

Further to this, we also offer a similar service to business customers providing instant protection to all internet devices, called WorkSafe, as part of our Business broadband packages again at no extra cost.

And we're committed to doing more to keep our customers safe, which is why made our SuperSafe Boost free to all customers to provide protection from viruses and malware, as well as secure web browsing.

To build on this, we have now launched TalkSafe.This is a new, simpler, smarter and safer way of identifying you when you call us. By creating a voiceprint, a bit like a fingerprint for your voice, we can verify that it's you on the phone without having to ask any security questions – it's even able to spot the difference between identical twins.

And we are committed to doing more to help keep our customers stay secure. Since we joined forces with the other four major ISPs to form Internet Matters last year, we launched an educatation and awareness campaign called Beat the Scammers, designed to protect consumers from the growing threat of scams. 

We've continued to support Get Safe Online, the UK’s leading awareness resource helping to protect people, finances, devices and businesses from fraud. Together we want help change the behaviour of digital citizens, starting with our customers, so they’re less likely to fall victim to a growing army of online scammers.

Last but not least, we're a member of the Internet Watch Foundation, which is a not-for-profit entity that works tirelessly to eliminate child sexual abuse
imagery online.