Governance and policies

We’re proud that our people come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Creating a vibrant, inclusive and fair working environment for everyone is a priority for us. This year we set-up a new Corporate Governance working-group, with a sponsor from our Executive Committee, to regularly review, update and improve our policies and governance across the business.

Looking forward

We are always looking at new ways to further mitigate against the risk of modern slavery within our business or supply chains. In FY19, we conducted a business-wide review of modern slavery risk and our associated policies. The review agreed a series of additional steps to further strengthen our ability to identify and prevent instances of modern slavery in the supply chain. Because of the review, over FY20 we will:

  • Further strengthen the contractual obligations on suppliers to combat modern slavery. We will introduce a new modern slavery clause in our standard supplier T&Cs, making the obligations of suppliers to comply with the Modern Slavery Act more explicit.
  • Introduce a new and more rigorous process to monitor and evaluate supplier compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. We will adopt a risk-based approach to identify which suppliers are subject to additional scrutiny. For the first time, modern slavery compliance will form part of our standard annual supplier review processes. Relevant suppliers will be expected to explain their modern slavery

Read our full FY20 Modern Slavery statement.

Read our full FY20 Modern Slavery statement.