At TalkTalk we’re all about providing fast and reliable fibre broadband that’s affordable. Not just because it is the right thing to do but because it’s the fair thing to do.

It’s a promise we’re proud of, and while the rest of the industry is just waking up to the concept of making sure customers are treated fairly, it’s something that’s been at the very heart of TalkTalk since we started in 2003.

Here are just some of the promises we continue to honour as part of our long-term commitment to give customers a service that meets all their needs:

  • We will never increase your broadband price mid-contract, always notify you when you come to the end so we can help you find the best new deal, and provide you with totally unlimited broadband which means the amount of data you use won’t be restricted at peak times.

  • We are the only provider to offer a Great Connection Guarantee that allows new customers to try out their fibre broadband for 30 days from go live, and if they're not happy, they can leave without penalty.

  • Our online service centre helps you quickly identify and resolve issues without having to call us. And our best in class online and phone security features, such as HomeSafe and CallSafe, leave the whole family feeling safe and protected.

  • And we do lots of work behind the scenes to stay ahead of increased demand so we can keep the network congestion-free. This means you’ll experience less buffering and a faster, more stable connection allowing you to stream films, browse online, upload photos and download games across multiple devices, in more rooms of your home.

In our efforts to lead the industry when it comes to fairer practices, we’re also introducing the following commitments, which mean:

  • When our existing loyal customers come to an end of their contract, we offer them better value or the same package available to new customers.

  • Faster Fibre and Broadband customers who don’t get around to switching onto a new deal won’t pay more than £30 a month (for broadband + line rental) from March. With standard out-of-contract pricing to be reviewed in-line with inflation from May 2021.

  • Our agents are experienced and trained in identifying vulnerable customers, which means that you or someone close to you, can benefit from the help and support needed to make sure you get the right package for your broadband needs.

All this means that TalkTalk customers are free to do as much browsing, streaming, gaming as they like without getting caught out by unfair industry practices. And we think that’s only fair!

Downloadable one pager: TalkTalk-s-commitment-to-fairness-2020.pdf