Did you know that it’s 18 times more carbon intensive to manufacture a new router than refurbish and reuse an existing one?

We’re working to embrace circular principles and are offering Royal Mail returns for our customers to send back their old equipment, to be used again. Customers can choose to have their router collected from their home, workplace, or drop it off at one of over 14,000 Royal Mail drop off points.
As our Head of Supply Chain, Daniel Norman explains below, thanks to this scheme and other initiatives we’ve seen an increase in equipment returns and have doubled the rate of equipment refurbishment in the past 18 months (as of October 2021).

Working with SCC to reduce electronic waste

Did you know the UK has the second highest electronic waste per capita in the world?

At TalkTalk, we work with SCC to ensure that equipment from our offices and data centres doesn't go to landfill, but is responsibly recycled, thereby promoting the circular economy.

Between 2015 and 2021, the amount of equipment we've saved over 20,000 tonnes of CO2, that's the equivalent of:

  • Planting 56,313 trees
  • The yearly emissions of 2,691 cars
  • The annual energy supplied to 3,263 homes.

Check out the link below to see an SCC recyling plant in action.