Business Model



We offer our Consumer and Business customers simple, affordable, reliable and fair fixed connectivity



We offer both Consumer and Business customers access to Fibre broadband connectivity, provided via our FTTC network using VDSL technology

Fixed Line Voice

Fixed Line Voice

We continue to offer fixed line voice connectivity to Consumer and Business customers. In addition to this we offer great value boosts, such as unlimited UK calls and international call packages, as fairly priced add-ons.



TalkTalk TV lets our Consumer customers choose their perfect TV package – with up to 80 Freeview channels, as well as flexible access to an extensive range of premium content from Sky, BT Sport and Netflix



Our simple and compelling proposition allows Consumer customers to access unique offers in partnership with O₂ that are only available to TalkTalk customers

Data Products

Data Products

We offer data solutions to Business customers at great value through our high margin Ethernet-based connectivity services. Within our product portfolio we are seeing a clear shift to businesses demanding higher capacity gigabit speeds

Investment Case

Clarity of Purpose

Our purpose is to provide simple, affordable, reliable, fair connectivity for everyone

This has enabled us to be the UK’s leading value for money fixed connectivity provider, serving approximately 12m people in 4.3m homes and businesses, giving us a strong market position in both Consumer and B2B

Over the last 2 years we have simplified the business, doing fewer things with a greater focus on our core products (Broadband, Landline and Data services), whilst also offering sensibly priced add-ons (TV, Mobile, Call Boosts and Enhanced Security products)

Compelling Fundamentals

We have one of the few scale residential customer bases in the UK, complemented by unrivalled scale in the B2B market

We have Britain’s largest unbundled network, with 96% coverage in the UK.  This gives us a structural cost advantage, which underpins our value proposition

In an uncertain economic climate, there has never been a better time for a value player, with customers demanding greater value for money

Clear Strategy

We see ever increasing demand for reliable and affordable fixed connectivity, with Consumers and Businesses using an increasing amount of data.  As such our Consumer and B2B divisions are focused on faster, more profitable products

Customers taking our faster products are more loyal and satisfied, leading to lower churn; all of which improves customer lifetime value

Simplification has enabled us to become a leaner, more efficient business, with strong cost disciplines, as evidenced by our decision to move our HQ from London to Salford

Our unique price proposition (FLPP) have pre-empted forthcoming regulation on ‘loyalty penalties’, leaving us well positioned for any regulatory intervention

All decisions we make are based on improving the customer experience, whilst enabling the business to increase ARPU and profitability, as well as cash generation

Differentiated Products & Services

We have over 2.3m customers benefitting from our FLPP

OTT video services (e.g. Netflix and YouTube) and online gaming (e.g. Fortnite and Apex Legends) are driving exponential data usage, creating even more demand for reliable and affordable fixed connectivity

We are upselling more and more customers to faster Fibre products to cope with their data demands and enhance their connectivity experience

We have improved the in-home experience by launching our award-winning Wi-Fi Hub (Which? “Best Buy” Wireless Router), providing our fastest, strongest and most reliable Wi-Fi signal ever

We have introduced new online tools to help customers resolve issues quickly and conveniently

We offer fairly-priced add-ons (TV, Mobile, Call Boosts and Enhanced Security products) to supplement our fixed connectivity offering

Market Opportunity

TalkTalk is at the heart of Britain’s fibre future and is committed to rolling out full fibre to 3m homes and businesses through our new company, FibreNation, in partnership with an infrastructure investor

A more beneficial regulatory environment underpins build-cost reductions and provides stability for future FTTP investment, leaving us well positioned to be a major player in Britain’s full fibre future