First major broadband provider to offer a combined monthly price

TalkTalk is leading the way in making broadband pricing simpler and more transparent by putting an end to separate line rental charges.

The UK’s fiercely competitive broadband market has been increasingly characterised by attention-grabbing broadband prices, underpinned by less prominent – and more costly – landline charges. Government, consumer groups and the Advertising Standards Authority all agree that presenting landline and broadband costs separately adds unnecessary complexity and risks broadband deals appearing misleadingly cheap. However, TalkTalk is the only provider to have openly and consistently called for change.

Today, TalkTalk is going one step further by announcing that it is set to become the first major broadband provider to end the practice of separate pricing. TalkTalk will instead move toward a single monthly cost including line rental, known as ‘all-in pricing’, which will come into effect this autumn.

Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk’s Consumer Managing Director, said: “As long as line rental and broadband are priced separately, the temptation to advertise deals in this way will always be there. But it’s time for providers be honest about this - it’s a bad habit we have all been guilty of, it doesn’t serve customers well and it’s time it stopped. That’s why we agree with the Government, the consumer groups and the ASA; and why we called on the regulator, Ofcom, last year to address the problem.

“We want to make things simpler and fairer for customers. People deserve to know they are getting value for money and, as the value for money provider, TalkTalk is going to fight hard to ensure customers get the transparency they deserve. But TalkTalk can’t do this alone. Until other providers follow our lead, households across the UK risk being misled by seemingly good deals that all too often mask extra charges.”

TalkTalk first rolled out an all-in monthly price last summer for those trialling its Ultra Fibre Optic broadband service in York. It then extended the pricing model to its Black Friday deals late last year, and has repeatedly raised the issue with regulator, Ofcom.

The single monthly price will be available to anyone taking a new package and existing customers who are re-contracting. TalkTalk homes will continue to receive itemised bills to provide full clarity, as well as being able to manage and track their usage and spending online or through the TalkTalk app.