Britain deserves better broadband: the whole country knows it. Today, TalkTalk has joined with other providers and industry bodies to set out the changes we think will give broadband users the coverage, quality and service they deserve.
Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk, says: “It’s been clear for a long time that the UK’s current broadband infrastructure isn’t fit for purpose. Promised improvements have not materialised – it’s always jam tomorrow from BT. As Ofcom considers how to reform Openreach, it’s crucial the process is open, transparent and includes all those who all those with a stake in the future of Openreach.
"This is critical national infrastructure – what happens to it is simply too important to be decided in a private deal between Ofcom and BT. Customers want to see radical change happening - more investment, better service, more choice. Structural separation remains the simplest, most effective solution, but while Ofcom considers all options, we have set out the bare minimum required to deliver the change customers need."

Read a joint letter from TalkTalk, Sky, Vodafone, the Independent Networks Cooperative Association and the Federation of Communication Services to Ofcom Chief Executive Sharon White and the full 10 Point Plan for a Better Openreach.