Ofcom’s ‘once in a decade review’ of telecoms is a unique opportunity for all of us in the sector to take a robust, critical view of whether it is working for customers and fit for the future.

The UK needs a first rate network, built to serve and adapt to the constantly evolving needs of our fast moving, globally connected society.

Our social and cultural development, the success of our businesses, our national security, even Britain’s place on the world stage, depend upon it.

The UK's digital revolution is already underway, and it is hard to imagine today all the technology innovations which will boost our economy and enrich our everyday lives in the future.

We can be certain, though, that these advances will come and when they do, the UK must be ready. We want this innovation and investment here in Britain, not somewhere elsewhere.

Every company in the sector will have its own views on what the best outcome looks like.

For TalkTalk, it means creating a regulatory framework and competitive market structure which incentivises all providers to invest and innovate, be as efficient as possible in their businesses, and treat customers well. Other companies may hold a different view, and Ofcom will consider them all.

But a guiding principle, on which I believe we can all agree, is ambition.

We can do more than remedy the problems of today, setting yet more minimum standards which barely cater to the needs of customers now, let alone those of the future.

We should aim higher than simply comparing well against the European average. Let’s create a world-leading market fit for purpose for the next generation and beyond.


By TalkTalk Group CEO Dido Harding. To read the executive summary of TalkTalk’s submission, click here.