Since Wednesday’s cyber attack on our website, we've been updating customers regularly, and working with the Metropolitan Police and cyber security experts to understand what happened.

Investigations so far show that sensitive financial information - i.e. credit and debit card numbers - was protected.

Bank account numbers and sort codes (as you would find printed on a cheque) may have been accessed. But without more information, criminals can’t use these to take money from your bank account. Even then, the chances are very small indeed.

In the unlikely event that money is stolen from a customer’s bank account as a direct result of the cyber-attack (rather than as a result of any other information given out by a customer) then as a gesture of goodwill, on a case by case basis, we will waive termination fees.

Customers should write to us at the address below with a police crime reference number from Action Fraud UK and bank details relating to the loss.

We would like remind customers that banking or other personal details are increasingly being used by criminals as part of phone, email or text scams. Over the last year, we've promoted information about how you can protect yourself from these. Please stay on the lookout, and always remember:

  • We will NEVER call you, or send you texts/links over email, using an account number to identify you, or to prove that the call is genuine.
  • We will NEVER call you, or send you texts/links over email, asking you to provide bank details unless we have had specific permission from you.
  • We will NEVER call you or send you texts/links over email asking to ‘remote connect’ to your computer, unless we have had a specific request from you.

TalkTalk is the only telecoms provider which actively identifies and blocks many of the numbers used for malicious and nuisance calls, including phone scams. We’ve already blocked 340 million calls across our network in the last year (that’s 80 for every customer), and we’ll keep working to block even more calls.

In the meantime, we have partnered with one of the three main credit agencies, Noddle, to provide our customers with 12 months’ free credit monitoring. Please do sign up using the code TT231.

Notification Address:
Crime Notification
The Legal Department
TalkTalk Group
P.O. Box 346
SO30 2PW