• TalkTalk Super Router offers Britain’s fastest Wi-Fi technology
  • Unbeatable Wi-Fi connection – smarter, with even better coverage
  • Furthest signal reach in independent testing against BT, Sky, Virgin Media and EE

TalkTalk has today unveiled its best ever router, packing the UK’s fastest, next generation Wi-Fi technology. The Super Router is faster, smarter, optimised for TV and designed to provide further coverage throughout the home. 

It will be included in all new TalkTalk Superpowered Fibre Broadband packages from 24 May and will also be available to all TalkTalk customers looking to upgrade to Fibre.

In independent testing, the Super Router’s Wi-Fi range was unbeaten against flagship routers from BT, Sky, Virgin Media and EE. It uses the latest, superfast 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology, which connects devices up to three times faster and offers a stronger, more stable signal. 

The Super Router is dual-band, so it sends a signal on two frequencies at the same time, which reduces the risk of dropped connections and interference. It also focuses the signal in the direction customers connect from to provide TalkTalk’s most reliable connection.

The Super Router is a one-box solution and doesn’t require a BT Openreach modem, which means there are fewer cables and power plugs required. To simplify things further, mobile devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi network at a push of a button rather than customers having to enter a password.

Should customers need assistance, the router comes with an integrated Self-Help and diagnostic pages that gets customers back online more quickly and efficiently. This is a first for TalkTalk and will be rolled out across the existing router base as part of the continuous improvements to its service.

For wired connections the Super Router also excels, providing four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, which can support speeds of up to 10 times those of previous routers.

Tristia Harrison, Managing Director for Consumer at TalkTalk said: “We’re watching more online TV, connecting more devices and in the last six months alone TalkTalk homes have doubled the amount they download. Our new Super Router is our most advanced yet and it’s optimised to meet our customers’ ever increasing needs. Coupled with our Superpowered Fibre broadband, the Super Router allows busy families to do more online at the same time, safe in the knowledge that they have a super quick, reliable connection with an unbeatable range. “

TalkTalk’s Superpowered Fibre broadband is five times faster than standard broadband speeds and is totally unlimited, which means there are no caps on usage and customers are never slowed down at peak times. As Britain’s best value provider, TalkTalk’s Fibre broadband customers can save up to £150 vs BT’s standard 18 month contract.

The Super Router will also be available to all new TalkTalk Business direct fibre customers soon.