TalkTalk Group, provider of the best value broadband and phone services to the UK’s homes and businesses, is now one of its greenest.

Following an innovative deal with a leading generator of renewable energy, 100% of the electricity used by the Next Generation Network, offices and UK call centres of TalkTalk Group now comes from renewable sources, at no additional cost.

Clive Dorsman, TalkTalk Group’s Chief Technology Officer says: “During recent research, customers told us that they want companies they have a relationship with to do more to help combat global warming. Switching to 100% renewables complements our target to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25% by 2021. We’ll achieve this by using innovative technology in our Next Generation Network, and offices.”

Many of TalkTalk’s competitors source a proportion of their electricity from renewable sources – sometimes including their own generation projects – but TalkTalk wanted 100% to be renewable, and to concentrate on its customers by leaving the generation to the specialists.

The majority of the energy will be provided from major UK hydroelectric dams and wind turbines, but the deal also allows TalkTalk the potential to benefit from electricity supplied by smaller, often community-owned, renewables projects.