We are pleased that Ofcom has recognised the significant steps we’ve taken to solve this problem and has acknowledged that the issues surrounding the integration of the Tiscali business in 2010 are behind us. The billing migration was completed last year, and since June, we have verified only around 2 complaints a week received from Ofcom on this issue.  As announced in February, every customer impacted has been reimbursed and compensated with payments totalling over £2.5 million.

Last year I recognised that we needed to invest in our systems, processes and customer services ­ and we are making significant progress. We have seen a 40% year-on-year reduction in customer service calls; Ofcom receives three times fewer calls about TalkTalk than they did at the height of the Tiscali integration; and our 5 million customers are more loyal and more satisfied than they were 12 months ago.

We are of course disappointed at the scale of the fine and feel it is a disproportionate penalty; however we are striving to continually improve and invest in customer experience and are pleased at the clear progress we are starting to make.

Our situation today:

  • TalkTalk has ensured that no customer is out of pocket and is compensated, paying over £2.5m to those affected
  • The billing migration is now complete, the billing issue in question is resolved
  • Ofcom is receiving three times fewer complaints about TalkTalk than it did in 2010
  • TalkTalk is receiving 40% fewer customer service calls year-on-year as customer loyalty increases