Brits are planning to use the internet for a life overhaul in 2010, according to new research from TalkTalk (, the largest provider of broadband to Britain’s homes.

The new survey, which explores the nation’s attitudes and plans for 2010 in areas including technology and money, revealed 61% will use the net to shop for better deals this year and 37% will use it manage their finances more efficiently. One in 20 (5%) are also planning to find a partner via the internet this year. Overall, 50% of Brits will try new things online this year.

TalkTalk’s research also found that nearly a fifth of Britons believe that the internet will have a bigger impact on their lives this year than in 2009. This rose to 25% in the North West, 22% in the West Midlands and 21% in Wales.

Meanwhile one in ten Londoners are looking to start their own business this year, and one in four West Midlanders plan to clear their credit card debt.

Worryingly 45% of Brits believe that this year will be harder than last year financially for them and it looks like OAPs are going to be the worse off with over half (52%) of those aged 65 and over saying the same thing. Brits living in the South West and the West Midlands (54%) were also the most concerned about finding 2010 harder financially than 2009.

Encouragingly though, half us think this year will be the year of saving money. In fact six out of ten (62%) of 18-24 year olds are looking to save.

“When you ask people how they plan to improve their lives it’s clear that the internet is now a major enabler,” said Mark Schmid from TalkTalk.

“When you see that the best deals and money saving techniques are online it emphasises the importance of getting fast broadband to homes, regardless of geography and income.”