• New router offers superior speeds and signal throughout the home
  • Technology pinpoints connected devices and optimises for best performance
  •  Attractive design means it’s less likely to be hidden – and will perform better

TalkTalk, the UK’s leading value for money connectivity provider, has unveiled a new Wi-Fi Hub promising to offer customers its fastest, strongest and most reliable Wi-Fi signal ever.

The new device comes with a host of notable advances including faster speeds, enhanced ability to handle multiple devices and extended reach through the home.

The Wi-Fi Hub uses next generation Wi-Fi technology to offer twice the speed of TalkTalk’s existing Super Router.

With beamforming technology, the router is able to automatically adjust the level of signal to prioritise high-signal-demanding devices. The Wi-Fi Hub includes the latest 4x4 Multi-User MIMO ac chipset, allowing up to 50 devices to connect to Wi-Fi at the same time without compromising connectivity quality.

To guarantee the best possible performance, the Wi-Fi Hub is exclusively optimised for the TalkTalk network; and simultaneous dual-band W-Fi ensures less interference so TalkTalk customers can enjoy a stronger and faster connection.

Set-up has never been simpler. Customers simply need to plug the router in, switch it on and the Wi-Fi Hub is ready to go.

The Wi-Fi Hub also comes with a detachable Wi-Fi settings card making it even easier to find and connect wireless devices. Customers won’t need to enter a password to connect devices to the Internet - all it takes is the push of a button with the One-Touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

For wired connections, there are four Gigabit Ethernet ports that can support speeds up to 10 times faster than current routers.

The Wi-Fi Hub’s attractive design means it’s less likely to be hidden by a plant pot or behind a TV, increasing the chance of getting a strong, clear Wi-Fi signal throughout the home. Created to fit through most standard letter boxes, the Wi-Fi Hub has the added convenience of easy delivery.

Phil Amy, Director of Product at TalkTalk, comments: “We’ve developed our most sophisticated router ever, packed with the latest technology so customers can enjoy even stronger connectivity in more corners of the home and on more devices.” 

“Developed with customer feedback, everything from its attractive design, to the ease of set up and speed, means this Wi-Fi Hub is our fastest, strongest and most reliable router yet.”

Link to website: www.talktalk.co.uk/wifihub