With 1000 homes connected and a network that spans over 11,000 premises, TalkTalk’s Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband is dramatically improving the online experience for people living in York.

Last year residents in Huntington and The Groves were given the chance to vote for a local charity to receive a free Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband connection from TalkTalk for five years. In August the winning charity, Door 84, was connected to the service that provides speeds 100 times faster than the UK average standard broadband.

Richard Sinclair, General Manager Ultrafast, TalkTalk said, “Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband is revolutionising the online experience for residents and businesses in York and we’re delighted to be connecting Door 84. The staff and young people that Door 84 supports will now be able to enjoy a faster and more reliable internet connection at the centre, with everyone able to do more online at the same time.”  

Following their connection to Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband, Door 84 held a street party to celebrate their annual Play Day.  Our team in York working on Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband were on hand at the Play Day and provided a Gamezstation gaming bus for the day using the Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband connection, which went down brilliantly with the kids. There was a steady stream of gamers playing forza 6 as well as Minecraft and Lego games with the 1st place winner breaking the bus record for fastest time.

Door 84’s centre manager Heidi Haywood added, “It relieves us of that payment for five years and for a charity that’s brilliant.”

TalkTalk’s activity with Door 84 is just one of the ways in which we’re transforming the online experience for residents in York as we lead the charge, benefit the local community, and continue to connect more homes and businesses to Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband.