The UK’s biggest channel partners such as XLN and Telcoinabox have committed to making Openreach work better for all of Britain

Over the last few weeks the campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet has been gathering pace and is set to make sure Britain has had its say during Ofcom’s ten week public consultation on the future of the UK’s broadband network, Openreach. In recent weeks, over 75,000 people have responded to the Ofcom consultation on the future of the nation’s broadband.

The campaign believes that British businesses have been badly let down by the current system. Businesses are facing installation delays and under-investment in the network they rely on, placing Britain at a disadvantaged position in the global digital economy. Businesses across the country have helped to drive the campaign over the past ten weeks and provided their unique insights to help make sure that the country has infrastructure fit to compete on the global stage. provides a quick, easy way for those clamouring for better connectivity and positive change to the UK’s connectivity to make their voices heard.

Since launch, major businesses and channel partners which represent and are responsible for the connectivity needs of over 250,000 businesses in the UK have signed up in support, including XLN Telecom, PER and Telcoinabox. From registering their support online, to sharing the campaign with employees across their organisations, to sharing with friends and family on social media, the support from British businesses has been integral to driving awareness of important issues. Organisations like these are instrumental in helping connect a number of British businesses – from SMEs to large blue-chip companies. Their firsthand experience of Openreach’s poor service provisioning has fueled their desire to support the campaign and encourage more businesses to get in touch with Ofcom before the consultation closes on 4th October 2016.

Zac Crofts, General Manager, Telcoinabox, an international telecoms enabler, says, “As an international business, we can see that Britain still has a way to go towards being the digital leader that it could be. This is why we are supporting the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign – we believe the only way to place the country on the fast lane is by splitting BT and Openreach.”

Alex Tempest, Director of Partners, TalkTalk Business, concludes, “It is great to see that some of the UK’s biggest channel partners are voicing their support of the campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet. As a leading telecoms provider, we are heavily invested in seeing British businesses grow and thrive in the global economy, and fast connectivity is a key enabler for this.  This is why we would like British businesses to act now and let Ofcom know they are concerned about the country’s digital future. Taking part in the campaign will help put us all on the digital map, which is a positive outcome for the country.”

Ofcom’s consultation closes on Tuesday 4th October. Businesses who would like to respond to the consultation, or would like more information about the campaign, should visit

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