TalkTalk is the first telecoms provider to create a set of specific guidelines outlining information it will never ask customers for – ‘The TalkTalk Nevers’:


  • TalkTalk will NEVER use your TalkTalk account number to prove a call is genuine.
  • TalkTalk will NEVER ask you to provide your full password - we'll only ever ask for two digits in order to protect your security.
  • TalkTalk will NEVER ask for your bank details to process a refund - if you're a TalkTalk customer, your bank details will already be registered on our systems.
  • TalkTalk will NEVER ask you to send us money through services such as Moneygram or Western Union. Scammers do this to prevent transactions from being traced back to them.

Scammers are becoming increasing sophisticated so customers should be wary of…

  • Unsolicited links or attachments prompting you to download software directly onto your computer or mobile device. If there is software we would like you to install as part of a service you have subscribed to, you will always be able to find information and download links on the TalkTalk website
  • Call, text, or send links and attachments over email asking to ‘remote connect’ to your computer, unless we have had a specific request from you.
  • Calls or emails about a technical issue that you're not aware of
  • Requests to switch off your mobile phone or remain on your landline for a long period of time - scammers do this to prevent your bank from calling you to verify a transaction