TalkTalk Business launches World SIP, connecting international offices with SIP calls and local breakout numbers

TalkTalk Business also launches International Numbers, giving businesses the ability to present local numbers in overseas markets


TalkTalk Business has today launched its brand new World SIP and International Numbers service, providing next-generation voice solutions to businesses that want to increase their international presence or simplify their use of calls between offices in different countries.

The new International Numbers service will allow UK companies to take either a freephone or local landline number of over 110 countries, diverting it to any existing fixed line or mobile number. The offering will provide a cost-efficient way for businesses to create an international reach by utilizing the local numbers of a country.

TalkTalk Business’ International Numbers offering is affordable and scalable, making it a good fit for any small, medium, or large business that wants to attract new customers overseas or better serve their existing clients in international markets.

Moreover, with World SIP, TalkTalk Business launches a range of additional features, such as a full range of in-country numbers and local breakout, whereby businesses with offices in multiple markets can take advantage of free international calls between offices, as well as international local break out charged at local rates. World SIP also provides international businesses with simplicity, with one international tariff for all countries, billed in one single currency.

International Numbers and World SIP launch for TalkTalk Business’ partner network today, with International Numbers launching to direct customers later this month.  


Key features of TalkTalk Business’ International Numbers and World SIP offering:

  • International Numbers provide a much more cost-effective way to reach international markets than establishing remote offices

  • TalkTalk Business offers a wide range of International Numbers, with toll free numbers in over 110 countries and geographic and local numbers in over 90 countries reaching 4,000 city codes

  • All numbers are hosted on the TalkTalk Business UK SIP network, backed by one of the UK’s largest Next Generation Networks



Alexandra Tempest, Head of Partner at TalkTalk Business, comments: “International business is becoming ever more important, and these days it’s not just big businesses but also smaller and medium sized business which are scaling up globally. We want British businesses to benefit from a cost-efficient and reliable way to make and receive calls, whether they’re aspiring to do more business overseas or seeking to provide better customer service to their existing customer or client base.”

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