• One in three Brits pretend to have watched TV shows to avoid ‘Shomo’ – the feeling of being left out of conversations about TV shows we don’t watch
  • Game of Thrones is the programme most of us talk about despite two thirds having not watched a single episode 
  • Season six of Game of Thrones now available to own on TalkTalk TV Store for £16.99 or per episode from £1.89

You’ve no doubt experienced that moment when conversation at work or over dinner turns to the latest TV series; only to realise you haven’t watched it. Rather than confess, you nod your head and pretend to know what everyone is talking about.

You are not alone. In fact, you are suffering from ‘Shomo’, a new social condition that describes the feeling you get when people around you are talking about popular TV shows that you have never watched. 

According to new research by TalkTalk TV Store, nearly half of Brits (42%) have felt in the dark in situations where a show they haven’t watched is being discussed. A further one in three (31%) admitted to pretending to be fans of shows in a bid to appear in the know amongst friends and family.  

Game of Thrones was voted the show that causes Brits to suffer the biggest case of ‘Shomo’, with the latest season provoking thousands of conversations every week. Two-thirds (66%) admitted they felt the need to join in conversations about everything from dragons, to White Walkers and the fate of John Snow, despite not having watched a single episode.

In a bid to make it easier for people to catch up on the epic fantasy drama and stay on top of the latest developments, Game of Thrones is now available to watch on the TalkTalk TV Store. With no long-term commitment needed, viewers can simply buy single episodes or an entire series as and when they choose.

Aleks Habdank of TalkTalk TV, said: “We know that TV series are a hot topic of conversation, yet it’s easy to fall behind and feel left out when it’s all anybody is talking about. For the many Brits worrying that they may have to go on pretending they’ve seen Game of Thrones, fear not.

“TalkTalk TV Store is all about offering people more choice and flexibility at great value. That’s why we’ve made it a great place for people to watch the movies and TV shows they love on their terms, all at Britain’s lowest price.”

TalkTalk TV Store, is a pay as you go service offering the latest movies and hit TV shows to everyone, not just TalkTalk customers. The latest movies are available from £3.45 - Britain’s lowest price in comparison to Amazon Prime, iTunes, Sky and BT.


Notes to Editors  

The research was conducted with over 2,000 respondents between 12th – 16th May 2016.

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