The campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet

TalkTalk, together with an industry-wide coalition of broadband providers, have today launched a nationwide campaign to give Britain’s internet users a voice on the future of UK broadband.

Amidst mounting criticism of excess profits, chronic underinvestment, poor service levels, and patchy coverage, industry regulator Ofcom has launched a public consultation on whether BT should be allowed to continue to own the UK’s national broadband network, Openreach.

TalkTalk and the members of the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign, believe that British internet users have been badly let down by the current system. Many others agree, including leading consumer groups; the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee; a cross-party coalition of over 100 MPs and even the Government itself. Now there is an opportunity to make your voice heard by calling on Ofcom to take the radical action needed to bring about real change.

Fix Britain’s Internet provides a quick and easy source of facts about what’s going wrong with British broadband, and how we can make it better. It also provides a quick and easy way for consumers and businesses up and down the country to write to Ofcom during the 10 week consultation period, to let them know Britain deserves a national broadband network that works for everyone, not just for BT’s shareholders.

Dido Harding, Chief Executive Officer, TalkTalk said:

“Whether it’s finding a job, doing the shopping, educating our kids or falling in love, the internet is essential to our lives and futures. It shouldn’t just work for the benefit of one large company, it should work for everyone. For too long now though, UK broadband users have been let down by promises of improvement which neve materialises. It’s time for brave, bold action by Ofcom to solve the problem once and for all.  This consultation on the future of Openreach gives the country a once-in-a-decade opportunity to have their voice heard, so that they can finally look forward to the digital future they deserve.”