TalkTalk has announced it will be extending its range of ‘Fixed Low Price Plans’, which guarantee no broadband price rises for the duration of the contract.

The value for money provider is offering customers the chance to fix their price for 12 or 24 months, with the guarantee of no broadband hikes during that period. The deals are available to homes already with TalkTalk, as well as those looking to switch provider and save money after the expensive festive season. Those who take the new packages could save up to £328 in comparison to equivalent plans from BT, Sky and Virgin Media over 24 months.

The move is the latest step in TalkTalk’s ongoing strategy to focus on customers first, and marks a step change from the routine price rises that have become common place in the broadband industry.

Over the last two years the four major broadband providers have collectively increased their prices 19 times. While many offer money-off deals, no other telecoms company has followed TalkTalk’s lead in rewarding loyalty by giving current customers the same best-value deals as new customers.

It’s no surprise that transparent costs and value for money continue to rank among the top priorities for savvy shoppers. In a survey of over 1,000 UK broadband users, 74% say they want “the price you see to be the price you pay”, while 69% urged telecoms providers to have a “price freeze”, to eradicate the worry of bill shock.

Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk’s Consumer Managing Director, said: “Seeing your price rocket mid-contract or the best deals saved only for new customers is incredibly frustrating and simply isn’t fair. We’re acting on what customers have told us and are proud to be leading the way in offering the value for money and peace of mind people deserve.

The year ahead has never looked so uncertain. Inflation is increasing and pushing up the prices of everyday goods. In this time of change, it’s never been more important to know you’re getting a good deal and paying a fair price.”

TalkTalk launched its range of Fixed Low Price Plans in October, and in the first month alone attracted over 300,000 customers drawn to the simplicity of the packages and the appeal of having greater control of their monthly outgoings.

Customers have the freedom to choose their own package, tailoring mix-and-match broadband, mobile, TV and calls to suit their needs. All TalkTalk Fixed Low Price Plans include line rental, totally unlimited broadband with no usage caps, and a mobile SIM with 500MB data - all at no extra cost. TalkTalk homes also have the option to swap to another TalkTalk package if they see a better deal, after three months.

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Notes to Editors

For more information, please contact TalkTalk Press Office on or 0203 128 6902.

*Source: Simplify Digital. Calculations refer to increases to broadband and line rental prices by TalkTalk, BT, Sky and Virgin Media from December 2014 until December 2016.

Survey of 1,200 UK broadband users conducted by Trinity McQueen in April 2016

How TalkTalk’s fixed price plans compare:




24 month Fast Broadband

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Virgin Media

Super 50 Fibre and calls


Unlimited Broadband

All in monthly cost including line rental

£22.95 for 24 months

£22.40 for 12 months, £27.40 thereafter

£32 for 12 months, £40 thereafter

£32.99 for 12 months, £38.99 thereafter + £100 BT reward card

One off charges





Total price over 24 months





Saving with TalkTalk over 24 months





**Prices correct as 9/12/16