We’re on a mission to make Britain better off and we believe that our people and our products make our communities a better place for everyone. 

Targets and progress

Our central environmental sustainability target is as follows:

“To reduce our CO2 intensity, measured in metric tonnes of CO2 per Gigabit (Gb) of bandwidth, by 25% by April 2021, relative to FY2010 levels.”

Dido Harding, Chief Executive Officer, 15 June 2011

Below are some examples of the changes that we have implemented to reduce our environmental footprint. Please also see our annual review for updates on progress.

  • We boosted the number of Cisco TelePresence™ systems in our offices, to three HD suites plus five single/dual HD screen systems. All run over our Next Generation Network, and will further reduce our travel CO2 emissions. We plan to install additional systems later in the year.
  • We changed supply contracts so that 100% of the electricity we purchase for our Next Generation Network, offices and UK call centres, comes from renewable sources. Learn more
  • We will introduce a new router package solution that greatly reduces both the amount of cardboard packaging used in the box, and the amount of paper within it. We also design the equipment within to be as light as possible.
  • We were admitted to the Corporate Responsibility Group, a network of progressive organisations who wish to share their best practice on community involvement, business ethics and environmental protection.
  • We started printing PEFC certificate markings on the envelopes sent by our strategic billing system, to acknowledge that our choice of paper and print suppliers that source raw materials responsibly. View sample certification
  • We achieved the Carbon Saver Gold Standard for reducing our CO2 emissions over a seven-year period. Carbon Saver is certified to both the ISO 14064 and BS EN 16001 standards. View certificate
  • We started donating £1 to charity when TalkTalk customers return diagnosed-faulty routers to us for recycling. We also pre-pay their postage.
  • We started printing FSC certificate markings on the envelopes we send to prospective customers, to acknowledge that our choice of paper and print suppliers that source raw materials responsibly. View sample certification
  • We installed the latest energy monitoring software in our network: our most carbon intensive asset. We will continually focus on this.
  • We were awarded membership to the leading responsible investment index FTSE4Good. Members must satisfy strict entry requirements, including ”working towards environmental sustainability”. View certificate
  • We installed the latest HD-grade video conferencing in dedicated rooms at our biggest offices, to minimise the CO2 from travel. Also powered by our own Next Generation Network are the audio and video conferencing systems available to all our people.
  • Our corporate headquarters building, in West London, was awarded a four star rating (‘excellent’) by BREEAM, the world's leading assessment method for sustainable buildings. View certificate